Why Is Video Important to Online Marketing

Everyone Is Watching Video Online The question I often get asked about video marketing is why is video important?  The answer is simple...because everyone is watching video online.  Okay…not everyone.  But by 2017, eMarketer reports that 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be viewing video…and the screen size [...]

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Why Headlines Are Important

Writing headlines Is the process of writing headlines that capture attention of the reader really that important?  That is a good question.  After all, the real meat of your article, blog, post or ad isn't in the headline…or even the imagery, it is in the text.  However, people will never read your text if the [...]

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Six Pounds of Fertilizer in a Three Pound Bag : Why Less is More

Why Less Is More While on a recent shopping trip at a neighborhood market, I was struck with amazement and could easily see why less is more. Plastered on the walls throughout the store were a myriad of signs; some hailed reduced prices on a seemingly endless variety of products while others exclaimed the freshest [...]

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Five Questions to One Big Idea

We have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about and discussing what goes into developing “Big Ideas”.  Ideas that are so powerful that they make the crowd leap from their seats and chant your name.  Or at least erupt in laughter. So I guess to begin we should define what constitutes a Big [...]

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