The words used in your ads are a direct reflection of your image and brand as a company.  So why do so many businesses today use words that waste space and say nothing?

I was watching an ad for a plumbing company who professed to help me “with all my plumbing needs“.  I didn’t even realize I had plumbing needs.  What the heck are plumbing needs anyway?  “For all your plumbing needs” doesn’t separate you from your competition.

Recently I was listening to the radio and I heard announcers make claims like Lowest Price, Biggest Inventory and Knowledgeable Staff.  Do these claims really mean anything if they are unsubstantiated?

If you are going to make a claim realize the consumer is wiser than they used to be and they have seen this game before.  If you have the Lowest Price in town…tell me what it is.  If you have the Biggest Inventory, state that figure in raw numbers, and if you have a Knowledgeable Staff, tell me about their accreditation and education that makes them so, otherwise I would expect your staff to be knowledgeable.

Making claims and backing them up with specific qualifiers gives your ad credibility and encourages the consumer to try your product.  Otherwise you are just a poser.

Furthermore, unless you have been in business for at least 20 years, please don’t put that number in your ads, the consumer doesn’t care.

Recently one business made the claim “Locally owned and operated for almost 9 years”.  Unless you are talking to 8 year olds, this line isn’t impressive.  Besides, you just told the consumer that your competitor, who has been doing the same thing for 50 years, has a lot more experience than you do.

If you treat the consumer with respect by substantiating your claims then you will stand above the competition and reap the rewards.

This message brought to you by P6 Media…For All Your Advertising Needs! (Yes…that was a joke)